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Parrot 3.2 released

We have finished all the work on Parrot 3.2 and we are now proud to announce its official release.

This new version comes after a long while due to some buggy packages in the Debian Testing repository that we were forced to fix by our own (it’s about the latest GTK updates that broke the MATE interface).

We wanted this release to be just an improved version of the past release, but we were able to introduce some new interesting features, a new Linux 4.7 kernel, a more accurate set of pre-installed softwares and a more comfortable but familiar environment.

We are also happy to welcome the University of Crete as a new mirror provider, KNXSecurity for its parthnership with us and Alftel Systems ltd for having believed in our work, and our words will never be enough to say thank you to all the contributors who have spent their time to make this release as professional and functional as it was in our dreams

16 thoughts on “Parrot 3.2 released

  1. Parrot is one of my favorite infosec OS. Much better than Kali. I appreciate all the hardwork done by the development team.

  2. What is the default user password for Parrot 3.2 64bit? I was just using it on my laptop, walked away for a few minutes and it locked me out…

  3. Downloaded 3.2 iso and wrote it to a cd. When I loaded the live version then tried to install it on a 128gb thumb drive, an error message poped up indicating that v4.7.0 of the linux core was loaded but the installer version was v4.6.0 and it would not install. Help!

  4. Parrot Linux is just great. It’s well thought thru from the start (2nd user account) and looks good (i even keep/love the back gfx).
    Live booting via SD/USB on Chromebooks works well, installation on MMC/SD works. Kali Linux let me down in setups too often. Documentation could be a bit more complete. And surprise ..what is that Parrot Studio ISO about? The Parrot flies. Thank you!

    1. our documentation is still under construction, anyway we accept contributions from the community

      while parrot studio is a custom build of parrot oriented to video editing and other related media creation tasks

    1. the repositories are the same of any other parrot edition and they are already installed in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parrot.list

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