[done] Pentesting Dojo in Palermo

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Hello everyone, we are organizing a Pentesting Dojo here in Palermo (Italy). It is scheduled for September 17 at Teatro Gregotti, Viale delle scienze ED.17, Palermo. The event is organized by Sputnix (the GNU/Linux user group that covers Palermo and many other cities in Sicily) and we were invited to organize a free security workshop […]


Parrot Development Notes #0

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Hi, Palinuro here. The development of Parrot 3.2 is proceeding fast and we have many new ideas to implement, first of all we are considering to drop gtkdialog and any other tool depending on it (unfortunately penmode is one of them) as gtkdialog is no longer maintianed and it doesn’t work anymore on gtk3 systems. […]