Ambassadors program started

We at Parrot Project have finally decided to start an Ambassadors Program to give our users the possibility to distinguish theireslves from the community and be a point of reference for other users.



Parrot Ambassadors are individuals
who are passionate about Parrot,
the cyber security world,
and the software freedom in general.

Know what does Free Software mean for us

They are a global group of volunteers who have distinguished themselves
in the Parrot international or local communities for their skills and
attitude to encourage others to contribute to the Parrot Project and
utilize FLOSS products for Cyber Security and internet freedom defense.

Not just that, Parrot Ambassadors are security educators and strives to
keep the power of the Web in hands of users everywhere, they are also part
of our support team by helping people with the Parrot System and the tecnologies provided with it.

Parrot Ambassadors are given the opportunity to learn new skills,
earn recognition, and advance their leadership in not just the
Parrot community, but in their school and local community.

How to be an Ambassador
List of Ambassadors

3 thoughts on “Ambassadors program started

  1. I can help to promote Parrot OS in Pakistan. I am currently doing Bachelors in Software Engineering and using Linux for 2 years. I am parrot user since 4 months.

  2. Thank you for this information. We will be going through and preparing a questionnaire form to be filled out which will include the levels of experience and knowledge of Parrot Security users. It will serve us better to know more about the person before consideration. We will keep everyone posted…

  3. the same for me in france i want to create a french community also thnk you

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